Scholarship/Grant Information

Edilith Eckart Memorial Scholarship/grant

We’re happy to announce the recipients of our 2022 Grant program!

The Scholarship honors one of our founding members, a lifelong image393peace activist who traveled the world making personal connections in places the U.S. considered our enemies. There’s more about Edilith here.

In 2022, we helped support young folks learning traditional dance through the Cumbre Humboldt Ballet Folkloricio Group, Centro del Pueblo for a video project with recent immigrants; plaques describing the multicultural murals at Eureka High;  the Kunle community for supplies for houseless people;  support for a family in Afghanistan, and Humboldt Black Music and Art Association.  Over the years, we’ve supported many different groups and causes, including: a group of young women attending a conference in Chiapas, Mexico; a Peace in the Middle East Festival sponsored by HSU’s Arabic Peace and Culture Club and the Jewish Student Union; an HSU student working in a school for refugees in Uganda; scholarships to help local girls attend North Star Quest Camp for Girls; a peace pole at  Redwood Coast Montessori school in Manila; Humboldt Mediation Services; Open Heart Quilters (for hospice quilts); the Writing Well, multicultural and multigenerational creative writing classes in Fortuna; the Golden Rule Peace boat; the Roshni teen project; Global Activne for inter-cultural basketball camps for young women; The 02f Women’s Festival at the Arcata Playhouse; sending local elementary students to a model UN; Humboldt SURJ (Standing Up for Racial Justice); a food program at the Church of the Joyful Healer in McKinleyville; Centro del Pueblo; People for People behind Bars;  Arcata House partnership; Happy Inner Prizes; AHHA (affordable homeless housing alternatives); a local woman working with woman refugees in Turkey; a local foster care resource center, our GI Hotline; and KMUD for a youth radio project. Native American Pathways for a Self-Defense video; New Rising Hmong Association ; the Kunle community; Home Grown Host Homes, a project to provide homes for young people; and Humboldt Black Music and Art Association.

Thanks to everyone who’s applied over the years, it’s wonderful to see all the great work folks are doing.

The scholarship is now a Dreammaker project of the Ink People. If you want to help us support many great projects in our community, you can donate online at

4 thoughts on “Scholarship/Grant Information

  1. This ignites my soul with massive levels of excitement. I look foward to be a present part of future collaboration. Eternally grateful to all.


  2. Thank you in advance for all we can do, dreaming and working together for projects supporting peace and justice locally and worldwide. Right away, we must take care of our own at the Arcata Plaza with places to eat healthy food, get a good cleansing contrast shower, change into clean clothes, laundry clothes, and get one to three good night’s sleep, while we continually explore new places to call home. With the Humboldt Unitarian Universalist Fellowship continuing meaningful solitary events, yesterday with support for Asian and Pacific Islanders, plus giving us all an opportunity to grieve the pure evil from the troubled mind in Atlanta, let us be available and support all our Hispanic brothers and sisters, both in need and in mourning.


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