Scholarship/Grant Information

Edilith Eckart Memorial Scholarship/grant

We will be accepting applications for our 2018 Edilith Eckart Scholarship/grant starting January 1, 2018.  Applications are due by April 9th, 2018, and grants will be awarded on May 1st.  Grants are for up to $500, and are open to any Humboldt county resident, with a preference for projects led by women.

To apply, send us the following information, by mail to P.O. Box 867, Arcata, Ca 95518 or by email to wilpf (at)

Applicant’s name, address and email.

Organization name and address, if applicable.

Project description.

What you will spend the money on. If it’s a big project, where else will you be getting money?

How your project contributes to creating more peaceful, cooperative and just communities, locally to worldwide.

We expect a report about how your project went from all recipients within a year of receiving a grant.

The Scholarship honors one of our founding members, a lifelong image393peace activist who traveled the world making personal connections in places the U.S. considered our enemies. There’s more about Edilith here.
We offer small grants, usually yearly, to residents of Humboldt county for projects that support Peace and Justice, locally to globally.   So far, we have supported: a group of young women attending a conference in Chiapas, Mexico; a Peace in the Middle East Festival sponsored by HSU’s Arabic Peace and Culture Club and the Jewish Student Union; an HSU student working in a school for refugees in Uganda; scholarships to help local girls attend North Star Quest Camp for Girls; a peace pole at  Redwood Coast Montessori school in Manila; Humboldt Mediation Services; Open Heart Quilters (for hospice quilts); the Writing Well, multicultural and multigenerational creative writing classes in Fortuna; the Golden Rule Peace boat, the Roshni teen project, and Global Activne for inter-cultural basketball camps for young women. 2017 grantees included the 02f Women’s festival at the Arcata Playhouse, sending send students to a model UN, Humboldt SURJ, a food program at the Church of the Joyful Healer in McKinleyville, Centro del Pueblo, People for People behind Bars, the Kuhnle Center, and Arcata House partnership.

Our 2018 grantees could include you!



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