About Edilith

Edilith Eckart was a veteran, a Quaker, a teacher, and a long-time Peace activist. She moved to Humboldt County in 1978, following her children, and spent many years doing peace activism here and around the world. She was arrested protesting weapons development at Lawrence Livermore Labs and elsewhere and made many “citizen diplomacy” trips to the Soviet Union, Palestine, and Iraq. Learn more about Edilith in the North Coast Journal (scroll down to the Edilith article), or read a 2013 update on the Iraq Water Project at Vets for Peace (p.5).

In 2002, Edilith, with other local women, started the Humboldt branch of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom. Within WILPF, she headed the Middle East committee; writing letters to local papers, organizing and giving public presentations, and fundraising.

Edilith’s loving, open-hearted presence is still felt in our community. We honor her in a small way through the Edilith Eckart Scholarship.



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