Who We Are


Booksellers and books at our 2011 4th of July book sale

We are the Humboldt County, California, branch of the US section of Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, women and men working for peace worldwide since 1915. Our local branch started in 2002. The international office is located in Geneva, Switzerland, has UN consultative status, and is represented by sections in 30 + countries.

Our mission is to promote peace and justice. We sponsor and participate in various local peace-related activities.  We give out a yearly scholarship/grant in memory of Edilith Eckart and Jene McCovey, which helps a local person or organization with a Peace or Justice related project.   We organize an International Women’s Day celebration on March 8th, and we usually hold a used book sale in Arcata on July 4th to raise funds to buy children’s books for local schools and libraries, as well as for our scholarship.

The Humboldt Raging Grannies, who started from our branch, sing political songs at local events. (Email suejh at humboldt1.com to join the Grannies.)


We meet one Saturday afternoon a month, with the exact dates depending on people’s schedules.  Email us at WILPF at humboldt1.com to find our current meeting date, or to get on our listserve.